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The first four Zing! plug-in hybrid vehicles will sell for $17,995.  These will be built to order, like a custom motorcycle.  The differences between the proof-of-concept vehicle and the first four production cars relate mainly to size, materials, and level of finish.  The production cars will seat two, in tandem, making the vehicle 2 feet longer than the proof of concept, and 5 inches taller (about the length and height of a Corvette).  The production vehicles will have 40 HP driving the front wheels, rather than 20 HP driving the rear wheel.  The production frame will be aluminum, and the cars' skin will be Lexan.  If you'd like to be one of the launch customers, please give Ken Fry a call at 678-983-8957.  Or email Ken.        

Soon, this site will have more details about the car.  But for the time being, you can learn a little more about the car on the Gaia Transport Corp site.  

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