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The Zing! is a plug-in hybrid with 40 mile battery range.  That's almost 15,000 miles a year, so most people will use the Zing! as an electric car all the time.  But what happens if the batteries die 3 miles from home?  With an electric-only car, you call a tow truck.  With the Zing! the engine starts, and you drive normally.  Forget to charge it overnight?  No problem.  Drive to work on gasoline.  Even on gasoline alone, the Zing! is incredibly efficient, getting 100 miles per gallon.  On electricity, it goes more than twice as far per kilowatt-hour as a LEAF or Volt.    

The picture is of our proof-of-concept (POC) prototype.  The production vehicles will be a little larger, seating 2 rather than just one, and will not have the crude (looks OK from 50') finish of the POC.       

Unlike other advanced vehicles, the Zing is priced like an economy car: $17,995.  You can order one today.  We'll custom build the first four at the production car price.  

To learn more, call Ken Fry: 678-983-8957 Or email Ken.